Modular Kitchen Manufacturer

Shirkes kitchen is specialized in manufacturing top quality furniture, covered with leather and other precious materials; the nuances and coloring of parchment have achieved perfect and original solutions. The image of the production goes back to Art Deco and the Italian design of the fifties-sixties. The furniture is still hand made by highly skilled craftsmen and all the main stages of production take place within the factory. Nothing is left to chance and every step of production is carefully controlled in order to obtain a best quality final product.Shirkes kitchen today continues to be acknowledged for the ability of combining values of craftsmanship with Italian excellence, extensive experience with research, new ideas with traditional aesthetic values. Made in Brianza, Tura’s creations now reach the most prestigious locations all over the world, requested by those who feel more like careful collectors rather than simple buyers.

Love, care, understanding, and trust what makes a happy marriage is also the secret behind creating the finest modular kitchens that are loved and preferred by homemakers. It brings together the concern and thought that goes behind each building block, and creates an elegant, smooth and comfortable experience, everyday.

Presenting Shirkes kitchen world-class Modular Kitchens crafted out of so much love that it inspires even the man of the house to open up and become one with the heart and the hearth of his home.

We offer our clients complete Modular Kitchens where each element installed in the kitchen is integrated with the whole. Our expert designers provide comprehensive solutions based on extensive experience and on the trends prevalent in the interiors styles. Our talented workforce transforms a kitchen into a perfect customized room where each and every article is placed for maximum convenience and style. The woodwork is also accomplished by our proficient carpenters. We design Furniture as per client requirement.