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Carefully Chosen Designs

We have an array of modular kitchen designs to choose from. Easy customizations, with which you can design, decorate and furnish your dream kitchen. Select from a wide variety of materials, designs and shutter options according to your needs.

Industry Leaders

We have become one of the best in Pune in just 7 years due to our dedication and quality products. Our expert team of designers understands your needs and plans the best elements for your kitchen by combining world-class materials.

First-class Features

Our kitchen fittings are neat, exquisite, versatile and durable. We believe in the optimal utilization of the available space. The fittings seamlessly fit in its space and make it a beautiful corner.

Original Designs

From factory-fitted kitchens to personalised ones, each and every design is good-looking and exclusive. Our kitchen design connoisseurs take down the exact details to tailor the perfect kitchen for your house.

Easy Customization

\We take care of the design, installation and everything in between. We have on board the top interior designers, professional installations that give you a stress-free experience. Be prepared to get the best.

Quality Assurance

We promise and deliver the best of the products and services always. Be it a factory-fitted model or a designed cooking area, highest standards are assured


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L-Shaped Kitchen Designs

This type of kitchen has two sections merging at 90 degree angle, thus giving it the L shape. They use less space and are functionally good. The walls are used as storage choices.

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U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

These types of kitchen spaces have storage areas on the 3 sides and a lot of space for movement. A large slab-top can be created to give more of cooking space.

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Straight Kitchen Designs

The houses that are compact can use a straight kitchen. These utilize space by having the storage area against a single wall and the kitchen top and washing area side-by-side.....

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Moduler Shoe Rack

Inspired by the finest styles, Shirke’s modular shoe racks provide a chic and useful way of storing footwear. It’s an ideal choice designed according to your home interior preferences and it beautifully blends with the property.

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Modular Wardrobe

The Shirke’s design team will assist you to create a tailored wardrobe to fit your bedroom space seamlessly. The storage solutions, design expertise and space utilization will give you a striking and sturdy wardrobe perfect for your room.

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Modular Bed

Your picture-perfect bedroom needs a perfect and comfortable bed. Shirke’s is professional in designing beds that are durable, stylish and fuses impeccably with your sleek bedroom. Each and every part of the bed will provide a beautiful balance and visual comfort.

About Us

In just 7 years of our establishment, we have become a favourite amongst all the reputed builders in Pune. Most of the sample flats have Shirke's Kitchen installations. We aim to provide you with a high-quality kitchen that gives you the unsurpassed cooking experience. Our product category entails a wide range, like - smart storage accessories, high-tech kitchen appliances, avant-garde hardware and multipurpose shutters.In the last 4 years, we have successfully created more than 10,000 happy families by installing our modular kitchens, in Pune.

We understand the value of time and comfort and our objective is to provide high quality kitchen in affordable price to our users.Our manufacturing unit in Pune creates each and every piece after much deliberation and research. We take pride in providing high quality products in a timely fashion to our clients. Our services just don’t end here, we are equally concerned about the post installation checks also.We guarantee 360 degree customer satisfaction.

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Why Shirke's Kitchen

  • Exquisite modular kitchen design
  • Flawless execution, installation and after sales
  • Brilliant finish and perfect quality
  • Smart and optimum utilization of space
  • More than 100 designs to choose from
  • Tailor-made according to your needs



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